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Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

With over 20 years experience, AIC is a leader in monoclonal antibody production services. AIC offers a reliable, quick, and economical service for your custom monoclonal antibody needs. Each project is divided into phases, and each phase is started only with client approval. A total of 1-2 mg of protein or a carrier-conjugated peptide is needed for each monoclonal antibody production. For conjugated peptide immunizations, a second conjugate (with a different carrier protein) or free peptide is needed for titer evaluation. Genetic immunization in BALB/c or C57Bl mice is available at a slightly higher cost as indicated below.

A setup fee of $500 is required for each project and is applied to the total cost of the monoclonal antibody production. Time frames indicated below are approximate.

Phase I

Immunization of five BALB/c mice with protein or conjugated peptide in Titermax or Alum. Determination of serum titers. Four – Eight weeks. $950.

Other mouse strains may be used at sponsor request and may result in an increase in Phase I pricing.

Phase II

Fusion of spleen cells from selected mouse with SP2/0 myelomas. Identification of antibody producing colonies by immunoassay. Two weeks. $1310.

The use of mouse myelomas other than SP2/0 may result in an increase in Phase II pricing.

Phase III

Expansion of positive colonies, verification of antibody reactivity and isotype determination. Cryopreservation (3 ampoules) of positive colonies. Two weeks. $1650.

Phase IV

Cloning of positive cultures and testing of resulting clones by immunoassay. Expansion and cryopreservation (3 ampoules) of positive clones. Three-four weeks. $400 per cloned culture.

Phase V-a

30 day in vitro production run from selected clone using Integra Celline Bioreactor, in DMEM with 10% FBS: $920.

Phase V-b

30 day in vitro production run using Flow Cell bioreactor; in DMEM with 10% FBS: $2200.

Genetic Immunizations

Depending on the nature of the antigen and the promoter, immunizations with DNA plasmids coding for the protein/peptide of interest may take six-twelve weeks and additional immunizations to obtain serum titers sufficient for fusion. Phase I pricing for genetic immunization studies with BALB/c mice (intramuscular or subcutaneous injections) is $1000 and for C57/Bl mice is $1200.

For genetic immunizations it is necessary to plan carefully for the immunoassay portion of the project. Ideally purified target protein is available for use these assays. However, if such protein is available only in limited supply, other methods may be used.

For example, if a polyclonal antibody reactive with the protein of interest is available, a sandwich ELISA can be established using lysates from cells producing the antigen of interest.

Alternatively, a second plasmid can be used to produce a GST-histidine or HA-tagged protein and the assay can be set up to capture the tagged portion of the antigen and detect antigen-specific antibodies in serum or culture supernatants.

For production of custom plasmids, AIC recommends Excellgen (

Antibody Purification Services – please contact our associates at Fina Biosolutions (

Additional Services

Adaptation of hybridomas to Sigma Ex-Cell Hybridoma Medium® (Catalog H4281) or Life Technologies CD Hybridoma Medium® (Catalog 11279-023) and collection of 1L of hybridoma supernatant: $922.

Cloning, per culture: $200.

Quantitation of IgG by Immunoassay: $250.

Competitive Inhibition Assay for Specificity: $640.

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